Case Studies

Killer Whale Trail Interpretive Project

The Killer Whale Trail allows visitors to take a day-trip back in time, on a self-drive tour around five historical sites.

The journey allows those who embark on it to uncover the dramatic history of whaling from 1828-1930 and learn about the unique relationship between whalers and the wild killer whales (orcas). Between August & November, these sites become key vantage points to view migrating humpback whales.

The Brief

The Killer Whale Trail project asked how a number of compelling heritage sites could be brought to together to deliver a seamless visitor experience, sharing the unique maritime story of the region. 

The Approach

Cultural themes, existing research and interconnected stories were collated and the most compelling stories identified.

The stories were distilled into bite size pieces designed to engage the visitor and inspire them to seek out the next part of the story.

Media solution were costed and compared against the objective to ensure solution was best practise 

The Outcome

  • A ‘Self-Drive’ Day Experience: development of a visitor journey, supported by digital mapping, hard literature, RD website and a phone application.
  • Killers of Eden stories: A series of integrated historical stories highlighting the cooperative relationship between wild animals – killer whales – and humans – the Katungal (saltwater people) of the Thaua tribe.
  • Killer Whale Trail collateral: Development of integrated and reinforced collateral, both digital and print, content development, design, location planning, overall project management.
  • Relevant stakeholder inclusion (interested indigenous community members, national parks and local and state government authorities).


The Result 

Since its introduction, the Killer Whale Trail has had great success in promoting tourism within the region. It is now used as a key selling point for the Sapphire Coast and has featured in numerous domestic and international publications showcasing the region. It is also now regularly used by commercial tour operators for cruise passengers. 

In 2019 alone, the Killer Whale Trail web page received 1700 unique visits. 

“The Killer Whale Trail cleverly integrated a number of stand-alone experiences highlighting the regions maritime history and delivered a compelling and rounded visitor experience. Visitors to the Eden Killer Whale Museum often comment on the quality of the interpretation at the sites.’’

Jenny Robb, Owner, Light to Light Camps.


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