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Bundian Way Interpretive Project

The Bundian Way is a 365km pathway from the sea to the mountains. Used for many thousands of years as a means of travel for ceremony, knowledge-sharing and resource management, the Bundian Way today holds not only profound cultural and historical significance, but strong eco-cultural tourism potential.

The Brief

After developing the Bundian Way Brand Guide in 2019, The Destination Agency was engaged to produce Bundian Way interpretive experiences in key Bundian Way locations Eden and Delegate, NSW. Whilst trail building remains under construction, the development of these interpretive was to provide accessible Bundian Way experiences for the visitor market. The Destination Agency set out to: 

  • Develop high-end interpretive signage for key Bundian Way locations, including design, location planning, installation and project management.
  • Develop a guided cultural tour concept.
  • Focus on Aboriginal employment opportunities as a key component of tourism elements.
  • Leverage cruise visitor market for immediate tourism engagement.

The Approach   

The Destination Agency initiated the following steps:

  • Research, write and produce first-person Aboriginal stories connected to locations along the Bundian Way, in direct collaboration with Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council. Undertake historical research with due diligence, and ensure cultural approvals for all original content. Work directly with an Aboriginal writer to research and write the stories, providing support where appropriate. Work with a cultural consultant to lead the cultural collaboration and approval process. 
  • Design interpretive signage for all locations, meeting budget and design needs. Provide various design styles for different locations including directional totems and interpretive panels. 
  • Provide graphic design services for all interpretive design artwork, in keeping with the Bundian Way Brand Guide. 
  • Organise production and installation of all signage. 
  • Manage stakeholder relationships and ensure an open dialogue with room for feedback throughout the process.

The Outcomes

In direct collaboration with Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council and in consultation with stakeholders including The Bundian Way Committee, local government councils, tourism operators, land owners, volunteer groups and more, The Destination Agency produced:

  • ‘Whale Dreaming Trail’ interpretive signage near Snug Cove in Eden. Two directional totems were placed along along the 600m ‘Whale Dreaming Trail’, and four interpretive signs were installed at Turemulerrer Lookout. The signage was installed by local Indigenous workers in collaboration with Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council.
  •  ‘Delegate Trail’ interpretive signage at key historical sites in Delegate.  7 structural signs, 4 totems and additional non-structural signage was installed, including: 4 signs and 1 totem at Bill Jeffreys Caravan Park; 1 sign and 1 totem at Delegate School of Arts, as well as an 8-piece non-structural signage installation; 1 totem at Bundian Way Gallery; 1 sign at Early Settlers Hut; 1 totem at Craig Range Road turn off; 1 sign at Craigie Community Hall; 1 further totem in storage for future installation. The signage was designed to complement the Bundian Way Delegate Trail app, which provides a guided experience with audio recorded information, photos and maps.
  • ‘Story Trail’ interpretive signage between Cocora Beach and Quarantine Bay in Eden. 10 signs were installed in key locations along the 1.8km Story Trail, including Cocora Beach, Budginbro Lookout, Sealers Lookout, Brierly Lookout and Bilgalera Lookout/Quarantine Bay. The signs were installed in pre-existing frames that were built and positioned by the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council. 
  • Guided cultural tour concept and tour guide training material focused on the cruise visitor market. In direct collaboration with Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council, TDA worked with a cultural consultant to produce a 25-page Tour Guide’s Script, a resource for Bundian Way cultural guide training. The script was produced as an audio resource for training purposes. Bundian Way Story Trail Cultural Tours are up and running as a Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council initiative, and can be booked through the Bundian Way website. 
  • New Bundian Way website to replace old site. TDA produced a new Bundian Way website in line with Brand Guide and provided basic user training to Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council, with support ongoing.

The Results

The Bundian Way Interpretive Project was delivered in four stages between June 2019 and December 2019.

Wadhou, my name’s Les Kosez, I’m a Dharawal man born and raised in Yuin country with family connections up and down the coast. I also provide cultural tours on the Bundian Way Story Trail here in Eden. The Bundian Way is a traditional Aboriginal pathway which people of this region have used for thousands upon thousands of years. The Bundian Way gives us a vehicle for intergenerational knowledge exchange and allows us to reclaim elements of culture and pass them on to our youth.

Les Kosez, Bundian Way Cultural Guide

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