Case Studies

Bundian Way Brand Development

The Bundian Way is an ancient pathway for Aboriginal people from Yuin, Ngarigo, Jaitmathang, Bidawal Country that provided safe passage between the coast and the high country.

Travel along the pathway allowed different tribal groups to gather on the shores of Turemulerrer (Twofold Bay) during the spring whale migration, and at ceremonial places near Targangal (Mount Kosciuszko) for the Bogong gatherings in summer.


The Brief

The Destination Agency was approached by the Bundian Way Committee to develop the brand identity, positioning and story, while reciprocally supporting key bodies and target audiences involved in the development of the Bundian Way ‘Experience’.


The Approach 

Using existing historic information and cultural themes, The Destination Agency set out to deliver a brand guidebook to inform both visual elements and future experience development of the Bundian Way.


    The Outcomes

    The Destination Agency produced a 24-page Bundian Way Brand Guide including: 

    • Creative vision, story, content, themes
    • Positioning statement, advertising strapline, brand values
    • Logo, typeface, visual style
    • Photography of key locations and cultural sites
    • Image Library for partner access


    The Results

    The brand project was officially delivered in June 2019 with further project collateral ongoing. 


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