Case Studies

Eden Welcome Centre

The Destination Agency was engaged by Port Authority of New South Wales (PANSW)  to lead heritage interpretation for the new Eden Welcome Centre at the Port of Eden. The Destination Agency worked with architects, historians, cultural consultants, industrial designers, artists and builders to deliver this major project, which was opened to the public in April 2021.

The Approach

  • Work with PANSW to develop a Heritage strategy to inform themes for project output
  • Work with builder and architect to ensure buildability including providing ‘proof of concept’ and
    sourcing/qualifying suppliers
  • Develop and implement community consultation
  • Consult relevant community and Government agency stakeholders

The Outcome

Indigenous partnership – Story Beams:

  • Research related, and appropriate stories, in partnership with Eden LALC
  • Engage a cultural language consultant to lead language protocols
  • Develop overarching story themes
  • Final creative copywriting of stories, design and artwork
  • Stakeholder approvals
  • Work with builder for final sign implementation solution

Maritime History Pathway:

  • Research maritime history of Port of Eden to identify most visitor compelling ship arrivals
  • Consult history/heritage stakeholders to ensure integrity of key themes selected
  • Final creative copywriting and design of maritime pathway, design and artwork
  • Work with builder for final path install solution including testing

Wildlife Panels:

  • Concept development ideas to highlight Eden’s unique wildlife attributes
  • Consult Aboriginal community to secure artist to create wildlife drawings
  • Final creative to deliver buildable designs and artwork
  • Concepts for installation
  • Work with builder to ensure integrity of application to screens inc testing

Exterior building branding:

  • Concepts for exterior building branding and application methods
  • Provide final artwork and designs for installation

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