Case Studies

Sapphire Coast Visual Identity Development

In recent years the Sapphire Coast has determined a strong destination brand and applies these destination branding principles to tourism experience development and communications. The destination logo and associated assets however were deemed to be outdated and unsuitable.


The Brief

 The visual solution recommended will reference the destination brand positioning and in particular the brand values:

Natural, undiscovered, free and sharing.

And the brand personality: 

Warm and inviting but not intrusive. The landscape is generous in spirit, fun and enjoyable. Can sometimes be slightly challenging because of its majesty and visual splendour, but the anticipation and excitement of what’s on offer mesmerises the senses.

“The project has motivated stakeholders to unite under a common visual theme. This has been a small project with a big impact. The Destination Agency team didn’t miss stride while keeping us fully informed and engaged.”

Matt William, Director, Sustainable Park Solutions.


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