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Tourism Future 2030

The Sapphire Coast Tourism Future Project is a bespoke tourism development program designed by The Destination Agency to increase the skills and professionalism of a tourism economy, lift a region’s competitiveness as a destination and consequently increase visitation and create economic growth.

The strategy delivers a phased sequential approach to building new world-class experiences and improve existing products.

 The Tourism Future 2030 Project was delivered in 2018, however the program has been designed to be reproduced and redelivered for new markets, new industry needs and a dynamic tourism economy landscape.

The Sapphire Coast Brief

The Destination Agency was tasked with identifying new opportunities to develop the Sapphire Coast’s tourism capabilities to exploit immediate unique advantages for the region in Cruise, International and Domestic visitation.

The development of Tourism Future was the solution – providing strategies to encourage industry to rally around a shared destination vision, identify and stream industry operators into support programs and develop skills with group and one on one sessions, creating new market-ready product and experiences and increasing the competitiveness of the region.

The Approach

The project is delivered in four phases:

1. Vision and Platform for Growth

Develop a region’s Vision and Platform for Growth, which will unite industry stakeholders behind a shared goal and longterm vision. The Vision and Platform is designed with input from on-the-ground research and will guide a region’s industry development, marketing, promotion and tourism development.

2. Forum and Networking Events

Run industry events that will gather the tourism industry and unite them behind the Vision and Platform for Growth, bringing stakeholders on the path toward innovation and up-skilling for the region’s tourism development as a whole.

3. Masterclass Program

Sector specialists run Masterclass Programs that up-skill industry in areas of opportunity for tourism growth in the region, including developing new experiences, partnership, becoming market-ready and digital marketing and tourism product distribution.

4. Mentoring Program

Select businesses are invited to take part in intensive one-on-one and small group mentoring, delivering a bespoke business development program tailored to their specific business goals and requirements.

The Outcomes

The 2018 round of Tourism Future 2030 Program facilitated:

  • Increased digital capability of 26 operators
  • 232 businesses impacted by tourism skills programs
  • 17 businesses mentored in one on one programs
  • Increase in number of business selling in trade markets
  • New products and packages in markets

”Anthony and The Destination Agency have a completely unique set of skills in destination management and tourism industry development. The insight and energy they bring to their programs is inspiring and the quality of the work they are delivering through the Tourism Future program, to support the Eden cruise industry, has been indispenable” .

– Natalie Godward Cruise Development Manager Port Authority of NSW


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